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: the president will hold fund-raiser in texas. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> a romney adviser says no final decision has been made about a running mate but there is speculation he could name him or her this week. >>> federal officials announced new safety standards for rail systems nationwide. that includes our own metro. among the standards are crash worthy rail cars, data recorders or black boxes on trains and work rules including hours of service limits designed to make sure employees are well rested. transit agencies that do not meet the guidelines could lose their federal grant money. >>> still ahead on 9 news, they look like dumbbells, but these amazing little robots can sprout legs and fight crime. we'll show you how they team up with the local cops in the most dangerous situations. >>> also ahead, exciting news from the fda. 9 wants you to know about a breakthrough plan that can prevent hiv infections. i'm matt jablow. that story straight ahead. >> in tonight's health alert, it's being called one of the most significant medical milestones in the 30-year fight against h
like last night, doesn't it. a lot of showers through texas, along the gulf coast and the southeast. that is where the front is. it was stationary yesterday. it is a cold front now which means it's actually moving a little further south. it's going to move back to the north, though, over the weekend as a warm front will usher in some hotter air and increase our chances for showers and storms on a more widespread bases as we go through saturday and sunday. this is the thunderstorm that developed inside the beltway. it stretched over to mclane and some very heavy rain with the one thunderstorm and that's about it. tonight some fog during the morning commute is possible. mr. bernstein will be here at 4:25 in the morning. we'll have more sun than today. upper 80s again. isolated thunderstorm is still possible. and much like today, well, if they form, they may have some heavy rain associated with them. this one had no wind or no hail, so it was not severe. all right. overnight, mostly cloudy. mild. some thunderstorms ending. fog developing. 66 to about 74. and winds out of the southeast
receivers to waco, texas, to work out with him. the efforts didn't go unnoticed. >> just something that guys generally don't do, getting the guys together in waco. that's big time. >> it really makes you feel good. evenen in a short time, i think we've built great relationships, and the leaders are stepping up. >> reporter: so he's doing everything you would hope a franchise qb would, but let's not forget he is just a rookie. let us also not forget the manning brothers, freed, and brady, none of them finished .500 in their rookie campaigns. there will be growing pains. what remains to be seen, whether griffin can keep his poise. >> success for me, winning football games. definitely more than one, more than two, more than three. we've just got to go out and play, let your play do the talking. >> with him, he has the right mentality as far as his preparations so he's going to be a good player for us. >> he handles himself extremely well. he's got a lot of charisma. very smart. works extremely hard. he is going to do everything he can to make himself the best player. that's contagious to a foot
picture, radar combined, we'll zoom in. the action is in texas and all the way to the gulf coast area in the southeast. this is the frontal boundary that's stationary and this is where the focus will be. as we go through the week, this will come back to the north as a warm front. we'll be a little bit unsettled, but for the most part this week it stays to the south. that means we stay in the 80s. when it pushes back to the north in the weekend we'll go back in the 90s. showers and a few thunderstorms primarily to the south. we'll keep it in tonight. i think around the immediate metro area we are looking at a dry commute to work which will be nice. staying below 90 all week. tuesday a few showers are possible. a much better chance south of town. wednesday a little more sunshine. pretty darn nice day on a wednesday. and then on thursday, a few thunderstorms. watch that carefully as to how strong the storms become and how widespread they become as well. overnight mostly cloudy. comfortable. shower or thunderstorm possible. but well south of town. 66 to about 72. again winds easterly at 1
that deadly shooting rampage at fort hood, texas. that is the finding by former fbi director william webster. he led an independent investigation into the 2009 attack. army psychiatrist nadal hasan allegedly killed 13 people and injured 23 others. the west report says the fbi knew hasan had been trading e- mails with a terror leader but the bureau decided it was part of a research project and did not consider hasan a threat. >>> you don't normally hear this from a car maker. stop driving our suv's. but that is the message from ford to those driving their brand-new escapes. ford is recalling the escape for 2013. those are equipped with a 1.6- liter four-cylinder engine. it seems the fuel line can crack open and set the engine on fire. >> it's going to put a negative connotation into the minds of consumers. right when ford was coming on strong so unfortunately they're going to have to overcome in that the months and years ahead. >> now, check this out. ford says don't even drive your escape to the dealer. call the dealer, and they will tow it in and replace those faulty parts. >>> now to the r
't know her daughter's gone. >> jessica is another victim. she moved to denver from texas about a year ago. friends and colleagues describe her as outgoing, smart and witty. she blogged about surviving a shooting in toronto that killed two people and sent others to the hospital. alec sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday with friends at the batman movie. he was looking forward to his first wedding anniversary on sunday. 23-year-old is among the dead. her family says the news was heartbreaking. john larimar was also killed. his parents released a statement saying the navy had notified them that their son was among the dead. jonathan blunt's girlfriend told reporters that he pushed her under a seat to save her. he couldn't save himself. a. j. would boyt's family said he was a loving young mandating a beautiful young lady with him at the time. we are blessed that she survived this incident. andrea mccarren is in colorado helping out the sister station down there, kusa. thanks for joining us right now. the fbi is down there in force. help us understand what are they doing? >> reporter: a
at the lackland air force base down in texas. >>> the past two days of rains are causing some flash flooding throughout parts of the metro area. but flooding has become a way of life for folks in the bloomingdale neighborhood of northwest dc. for the third time in eight days, summer storms have flooded rhode island avenue near first street. and each time, families have watched the water back up into their basements, and we're talking smelly, nasty water. >> the tub was rising. the toilet was rising. >> we're talking about raw sewage coming up. >> yes. it's not -- it's really bad. >> the storm drain in that area a century old. dc water crews are checking it out. walking through the pipes and clearing them out. but so far they have not found anything to explain why flooding has suddenly become so bad in that neighborhood. >> i guess tonight is not going to be a flooding night after all. >> well, it depends on where you're at. i think in the district, including the bloomingdale neighborhood, they're probably okay. but out towards prince williams and fairfax county, we did have a couple of flash
're relying on outside help? these crews that are coming from texas, canada, and everywhere else? is that not a factor? that's your strategy, you roll the die, sometimes you just get caught, like in this occasions right? >> no, in this situation, this storm was unprecedented. this was a massive event. it's not uncommon in our industry to have mutual assistance. that goes for actual line crews, even call centers to actually take customer calls. so when you have major events like this that do not happen every day, you certainly do rely on your partner utilities to help you out. >> okay, gottia. no appear -- got ya. so no apologies necessary, people are going to be upset this is just the way it is, we live in washington, we love it, but this is what's going to happen when we get a big storm. that what we're hearing? >> no, we do feel their pain, it's hot, no one likes to be without power but we are working extremely hard. we've pulled in all of our resources is all of our phi employees have been activated. we're literally bringing in as many people and as many resources as we can to
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)